The musical battle heats up as contestants from all walks of life from across the country battle it out to be crowned the undisputed rulers of the Bollywood music scene.

The twists and turns of love and relationships can never be underestimated. Krisha Chaturvedi’s life is no less than a fairy tale when she
marries her the love of her life, Devraj. But Krisha soon finds herself in a swamp full of lies and deceit.

Sometimes life and family can be cruel and unrelenting. Despite her efforts to provide for her family, Meet’s disregard for societal gender norms and her nonconformist job as a delivery agent make her an unsuitable girl in the eyes of her family.

Worlds collide when Neema, daughter of an affluent and caring father falls in love with a simple middle class boy Ravi and marries him against her father’s wishes.