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12 Apr

Rab Se Hai Dua

Dua is happily married to her husband until he makes a request to her. Her seemingly perfect life goes for a toss when he seeks her permission to marry another woman.

12 Apr

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di

A kind-hearted Heer faces difficulties when her rich family marries her into the Atwal family, but Ranjeet enters her life and empowers her to overcome all obstacles....

12 Apr

Pyaar ka Pehla Adhyaya: Shiv Shakti

Shiv, a doctor, is emotionally distant due to the events that occurred in his past. His path crosses with Shakti, an orphan who is good at nurturing the broken ones....

12 Apr

Qadari Bela Lawn S2

Early in life, Ganga meets a tragic turn when she becomes a widow on the day of her marriage. Eventually, her love for Sagar, her childhood friend, is reciprocated, but they mu...

12 Apr

Zee World – Vani Rani S1

Vani Rani, is a story about two sisters, Vani and Rani, who are poles apart in nature. They are married to brothers of the same family and stand by each other....