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2 Mar

Doctor G

Medical student Uday Gupta grudgingly joins an all-women's gynecology class, but being a good doctor — and person — rests on pondering his prejudice.

2 Mar


After a mother's sudden death, chaos and grief collide when four adult siblings return to their traditional father's home for the funeral....

2 Mar


The series reveals several facets of each Mughal period figure. The show dramatizes the rise and collapse of the many Mughal dynasties, displaying both the splendor and the sav...

2 Mar


This ZEE5 Original narrates the tale of crime reporter Vidhi, who is out to find a missing college student. Her quest reveals the many layers of society that redefine politics,...

2 Mar

Thank God

An egoistic real estate broker in huge debts meets with an accident. As he gains consciousness, he realizes that he is in a game show. CG appears in front of him and informs hi...